Return Policy

Do you have questions about the MajesticCHEF returns policy? This simple guide will help you understand how the MajesticCHEF product returns process works, making your shopping and returns experience smooth and convenient.

Online shopping is simple and quick. You might enjoy the comfort and convenience of buying your favorite products in a few clicks or taps. Sometimes, however, when your order arrives, you may realize that the product isn’t exactly what you expected. It may not be of the right size or color, or in rare cases, you might find that it is defective or damaged. What do you do now? This is where the CHEF Product Returns process makes your life easier.

Fulfilled by CHEF items, Prime eligible items, and few Seller Fulfilled items can be replaced at no extra cost through our Online Returns Centre provided the following conditions are met.

Which items are eligible for a Free Replacement?

Fulfilled by CHEF items, Prime eligible items and few Seller Fulfilled items are eligible for free replacements. If an eligible item is out of stock from the same seller, it cannot be replaced. Only a refund against the returned item will be issued.

What are the conditions for Free Replacement?

Items within the return window and in stock (exact same item) with the same seller are eligible for a free replacement. The free replacement order will be shipped through standard shipping once the original order is returned. Free replacements can be requested if the following conditions apply:

  • Item received is physically damaged;
  • Item received has missing parts or accessories;
  • Item received is different from their description on the product detail page on CHEF; or
  • Item received is defective/does not work properly.


  • A free replacement cannot be created for an item that was returned and replaced once earlier.
  • If the item has missing parts or accessories, you may try to contact the manufacturer for assistance. Manufacturer contact information can usually be found on the item packaging or in the paperwork included with the item.
  • If your item is not eligible for free replacement due to any reason, you can always return it for a refund.
  • If your item is “Seller-Fulfilled” and is not eligible for a free replacement, please “Contact Seller” from “Your Orders” to request a refund.
  • Depending on the kind of product you wish to return, your return request may have to undergo a verification process
  • Following verification, you will be required to confirm your decision based on the category of the product ordered.
  • Keep ready all the requisite items necessary for a smooth returns process — including invoice, original packaging, price tags, freebies, accessories, etc.
  • Pickup and Delivery of your order will be scheduled hand-in-hand in case of exchanges and replacements.

What are the options available to return CHEF products?

Based on certain conditions, two options will be available:

Exchange: Your order will be exchanged for a new identical product of a different size or color

Replace: The product in your order will be replaced with an identical product in case it is damaged (broken or spoiled) or defective (has a functional problem that causes it not to work).

How long does the CHEF product returns process take?

As soon as you request for the replacement, you will receive a call back at your register mobile number.

If you’re going in for an exchange, your replacement product will be delivered to you at the same time as the pick-up in most cases. Remember to keep tracking your order.