Return Policy

Do you have questions about the Majestic CHEF returns policy? This simple guide will help you understand how the Majestic CHEF product returns process works, making your shopping and returns experience smooth and convenient.

Online shopping is simple and quick. You might enjoy the comfort and convenience of buying your favorite products in a few clicks or taps. Sometimes, however, when your order arrives, you may realize that the product isn’t exactly what you expected. It may not be of the right size or color, or in rare cases, you might find that it is defective or damaged. What do you do now? This is where the CHEF Product Returns process makes your life easier.

Fulfilled by CHEF products, Prime eligible items, and few Seller Fulfilled items can be replaced at no extra cost through our Online Returns Center provided the following conditions are met.

Conditions for Replacement.           

. If you pay us 50% of your order than Chef will provide you the free replacement of that product if any damage or get wrong items like.

  • Item received is physically damaged;
  • Item received has missing parts or accessories;
  • Item received is different from their description on the product detail page on CHEF; or
  • Item received is defective/does not work properly.

Replacement will be sent back after receiving that parcel from customer.

100% Money Back INSURANCE

Chef Cookware is always ahead in market in terms of customer satisfaction. We also offer 100% money back If you pay us 100% of your order in advance than your parcel fully “Insured” it means no matter what happens with the parcel while in transit your amount is totally safe. This will help both seller and buyer. Payment reversal can take only 2 Business weeks.


How long does the CHEF product returns process take?

  • As soon as you request for the replacement, you will receive a phone call back at your mobile number on file. It will take 2 Business Weeks.
  • If you’re going in for an exchange, your replacement product will be delivered to you at the same time as the pick-up in most cases. Remember to keep tracking your order